Jacob Frantz
Year: '13
Team: Princeton

      *JACOB FRANTZ, Princeton ’13 became just the third three-time conference champion after the Dole brothers of Yale. He and his Tiger teammates won four of six weights in 1911. Frantz had just one hold -- the front chancery and bar lock -- but he was remarkably proficient at applying it quickly to his opponent after the opening handshake. In three years he was never thrown; the only match he lost was by close decision and he won all the others by falls. Late in the 1920’s, The Princeton Weekly still credited Jacob as the most outstanding Tiger wrestler in the program’s first quarter century.

      Jacob Frantz also won two university cane spree titles contested in Princeton since the Civil War. They originally involved a series of rough-and-tumble bouts between freshmen sporting canes, and sophomores trying to wrest them away. In the early 1900s the cane spree inspired freshmen-sophomore wrestling matches, which helped lead in 1905 to the formation of the first varsity wrestling team.